Security and Storage of Your Information

Only personal (name, surname, phones, email, etc.), address and invoice, payment information of the members will be stored on our site. The purposes for which we will use your information stored in us are as follows.

Our general principle is that your personal information should not be given to any third parties or organizations, detailed information is given below

The server where the information is stored can only be accessed from the server where the website is located, except that all accesses have been turned off.

Your Personal Details

The personal information collected on the Site is used to operate the Site and to provide the services you want or authorize, or to perform transactions. Your email address (as well as your username) you provide to us will only be used by us and the system related to your postings to be kept in contact with you.

Your email address is not shared with others on the site or anywhere.

Your other profile details (home phone, business phone, mobile phone, city information, etc.) will be shared on your ad detail page in order to ensure that those interested in your ad reach you quickly and accurately.


Cookies may be used on some parts of the site to improve service quality. Cookies are files created by websites you visit that store information such as your preferred language or profile information.

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