MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT End User Membership and Site Usage Agreement

First of all thank you for your choosing. You need to be a member in order to add advertisements and benefit from some services in Denizpazarý. In the membership agreement below, you will find the scopes and conditions that you must comply with. Welcome to

1. This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACT), (hereinafter referred to as DENÝZPAZARI) operated by all natural and legal persons and institutions involved in the purchase or sale of products (hereinafter USER or USERS) and DENÝZPAZARI.

2. Your membership right to will be activated after you complete the "membership form". The USER requesting membership of the information transferred to this form unconditionally undertakes. When entering information into the membership application form, it is mandatory to fill in the information requested form completely and clearly.

3. USERS, by becoming a member of DENÝZPAZARI, undertake that they have read the entire CONTRACT, have fully understood the contents of this AGREEMENT and have accepted and approved all the articles unconditionally.

4. Since this membership relationship occurs in a virtual environment, the completion of the user's membership application entry shall be at the same level and the CONTRACT shall be established upon acceptance by DENÝZPAZARI. Mutual rights and obligations come into force upon acceptance of the application.

5. DENÝZPAZARI reserves the right to unilaterally amend or amend the CONTRACT.

6. USERS, in order to promote their products can be set up pages and foreground areas specially prepared for them. Our members who prefer such services are obliged to pay the disbursed fees.

7. Unless otherwise stated, the fees to be charged for DENÝZPAZARI paid services / services will be calculated and collected in Turkish Lira. USERS, all the commission that may arise from trade, purchase / sale through DENÝZPAZARI, BSMV, VAT, SCT, taxes, stamps, fees, etc. accepts and declares payments to the relevant institutions.

8. cannot be used for political or attacking purposes.

9. Personal identities that are unlawful and do not comply with the general moral principle cannot be advertised as attacks. According to the law, if a request from the legal authorities occurs when the entries of are used as an act of criminal activity, information about this USER or USERS will be provided on request.

10. DENÝZPAZARI respects the personal rights and privacy rights of all USERS. It accepts and undertakes that it will not give personal information to any institution or organization for any reason other than the reasons stated in Article 8 and 9 and the request of the judicial authorities.

11. DENÝZPAZARI shall have the right and authority to terminate the memberships of the USERS it desires without declaring any reason.

12. DENÝZPAZARI assumes no responsibility for the consequences that may result in the malicious use of membership information as a result of attacks on the database and the misuse of such information.

13. The purpose of is to provide a 24-hour virtual advertisement sharing service that is open to everyone. No responsibility can be imposed on in terms of both the supply of the service and the input of the members. It does not bear any legal responsibility in any transactions between the USERS except for the special agreements to which DENÝZPAZARI is a party.

14. The use of name-right trademark rights cannot be infringed. Whatever the application, unfair competition cannot be used.

15. Copyrights and copyrights shall not be infringed on any use and software. All rights of copyright and human rights belong to the member. Therefore, recourse to DENÝZPAZARI is absolutely not possible.

16. USERS, any disputes that may arise due to transactions at and any claims, claims and claims arising from these disputes, which may arise due to the fact that DENÝZPAZARI does not have any direct or indirect connection with the transactions realized through or to declare DENÝZPAZARI's owners, representatives and / or employees responsible for damages, not to indemnify them and to exempt them from any request to be made by third parties and institutions, by accepting this Agreement and accepting in advance as a member of and declares.

17. DENÝZPAZARI, the users of fraudulent, political and religious purposes, misleading, incomplete and / or misrepresentations on and / or performing any purchase / sale transactions unilaterally and without any prior approval. has the right to temporarily and / or expire from membership without warning.

18. 18. Apart from the complete control of DENÝZPAZARI, many problems may occur due to internet usage (such as power outage, hardware problems, infrastructure problems, natural disasters, etc.). For these and other reasons, DENÝZPAZARI cannot guarantee or guarantee that it will provide continuous, uninterrupted and safe service in any way.

19. DENÝZPAZARI may send e-mail and SMS (short message) messages to inform its members. Members can unsubscribe at any time.

20. DENÝZPAZARI and USER are legally completely independent parties. There is no business partnership and / or employee / employer relationship between these two independent parties.

21. If you do not receive the goods / products as a result of making any prepayment or deposit payment without seeing the seller or the equipment you wish to purchase, the website has no legal responsibility.

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